How Pay to Real Property Tax

1. Go to the Assessment Lounge for assessment on how much is due. A guard will give you a number depending on the status – Current, which means your taxes are updated, Senior Citizen and Delinquent, in case you missed payments, whether for one quarter or the whole year.

2. Wait for your number to be called. There are large TV screens where you can see if it’s your turn already. it is available for those without delinquencies.)

Once your number is called, hand over the last year’s receipts. This will make it easier for the person-in-charge to check your property records. After checking, the officer-in-charge will then give Real Property Tax Bill.

3. Proceed to the Payment Lounge, just beside the Assessment Lounge. The guard will also give you a number. To make it easier for them, tell them if you are Regular or Senior Citizen. Then wait for your number to be called.

4. Pay the necessary fees. It’s up to you if you are willing to pay one quarter, half year or for the entire year. Just make sure to tell the person in charge during assessment so they could give you the corresponding amount.

After payment, the officer in charge will give you a copy of the property receipt as a proof that you have already pay your real property taxt bill.

Tips: Bring necessary documents. For faster transactions, bring the last paid tax receipts.