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About Us.


The Quezon City Assessor's Office, erstwhile the Department of Assessment, as created under Section 17 Article V of R.A. 537, or the revised Quezon City charter as amended on June 16, 1950, is charged with the responsibility of appraisal and assessment of real property for taxation purposes. The powers and duties of the City Assessor as head of the office are as laid down in Title II/Book II, and Article 3, Title V/ Book III of the Local Government Code of 1991 or R.A.7160... Read more Below

Our Mission

Fair and updated appraisal of all real property for assessment purposes, with laws and policies pertaining thereto properly executed.

Our Vision

A leader in automated Real Property Tax Assessment, maintaining a major source of revenue generation in support of the services of the City to its constituents.

Service Pledge

R – Reliability, dependability, in workforce and assessment records
P – Perseverance, devotion, and dedication to duty
A – Accountability, responsible and liable for results and actions
T – Teamwork, the important role and cooperative action of everyone
S–Service excellence with integrity and professionalism


Tax Declaration is a document that reflects the value of real property (Land, Building/Improvement or Machinery) for purposes of Real Property Tax, assessed against the owner/taxable person or entity, as authorized under the Local Government Code (RA 7160), implemented through City Ordinance No. SP-91, S-1993, as amended, or The Quezon City Revenue Code of 1993.
The Owner’s Copy of tax declaration is issued upon registration of transfer of ownership of real property from the previous owner to new owner, or upon declaration of new building or improvement and machinery. Under existing laws, it is the duty of all persons acquiring property to declare the same with the City Assessor’s Office, within sixty (60) days.


The Department of Assessment, now known as the City Assessor’s Office, was created on June 16, 1950 pursuant to Section 17, Article V, of Republic Act No. 537 otherwise known as the Revised Quezon City Charter, amended by Section 88 of the Real Property Tax Code (PD 464), Section 169 of the 1983 Local Government Code (BP No. 337), and as further amended by Section 454 of the Local Government Code of 1991 (or RA 7160).

As prescribed under Section 472(b) of RA 7160 the Assessor shall take charge of the Assessor’s Office, perform the duties provided for under Book II (Local Taxation & Fiscal Matters) of this Code (RA 7160), and shall:
• Ensure that all laws and policies governing appraisal and assessment of real properties for taxation purposes are properly executed;
• Initiate, review and recommend changes in policies and objectives, plans and programs, techniques, procedures and practices in the valuation and assessment of real properties for taxation purposes;
• Establish a systematic method of real property assessment;
• Install and maintain a real property identification and accounting system;
• Prepare, install and maintain a system of tax mapping, showing graphically all property subject to assessment and gather all data concerning the same;
• Conduct frequent physical surveys to verify and determine whether all real properties within the cities are properly listed in the assessment rolls;
• Exercise the functions of appraisal and assessment primarily for taxation purposes of all real properties within the jurisdiction of the City;
• Prepare a schedule of the fair market value for the different classes of real properties, in accordance with Title Two under Book II of the Code (RA 7160);
• Issue, upon request of any interested party, other records relative to its assessment, upon payment of a charge or fee to the City Assessor;
• Submit every semester a report of all assessment, as well as cancellations and modifications of assessment to the City Mayor and the Sangguniang Panlungsod; and
• Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.


We are committed to maintain the integrity and reliability of our existing real property assessment database, which form part of the Quezon City Real Property Assessment and Taxation System (QCRPATS), to which we base the billing and collection of real property taxes. Foremost among the various services extended to our clientele are:
1) Issuance of new Tax Declarations for Transfer of Ownership, New Buildings/ Condominiums/Machinery; and
2) Issuance of certified copies of the same being commonly requested for whatever legal purposes.

News and Updates


CAO-Covid19 Update

City Assessors Office

As we are faced with the alarming new wave of Covid-19 infections, we've made changes to some of our policies, which may affect the services we provide, effective immediately.


City Assessors Office

Please be advised that WALK-IN submission of requests will be temporarily suspended starting tomorrow, Wednesday, March 17, 2021 up to March 31, 2021 due to COVID-19 related situation in our office.


City Assessors Office

Two (2) outreach programs were conducted by the City Assessors Office this year first, during the time of Taal Volcano eruption in Batangas where more or less 300 families from in Barangays San Antonio & Banoyo, Talisay, Batangas were benefitted.